Terms and Conditions
Theme : Explain Chess Basics or Tactics (eg. Castling, En passant, Double Attack , Pin, Discover Attack, Mate in One etc)
Length : 1 – 2 mins (Not longer than 2 mins)
Sound : must be greater than 129 bit
Format : MPEG4, MOV, AVI, or WMV
Language : The language of the video should be in English only
The video should clearly have the participant face visible in atleast one frame

Important Dates
22nd June 2020 – Register your entry
30th June 2020 – Submit videos to
10th July 2020 – Results will be announced

1. Top 3 entries selected by the judges will receive trophies and e-Certificate.
2. All entries will receive e-Certificate

  • Popular Choice Award
  • All submitted entries stand a chance to win a Popular Choice award. The organizer will upload all videos to YouTube by 1st July 2020. The program will run for 2 weeks and by 20th July 2020, the video with highest number of likes will qualify as winner for Popular Choice Award.
  • *** This Award Category is going to be discontinued based on the judges/organisers joint decision***

1.Entries will be judged equally based on (A) Creativity; (B) Originality; and (C) Appropriateness to the Theme
2.Video quality must be clear on a full computer screen with clear audio quality.
3.Judges’ decision is final, conclusive and binding. No further appeal, inquiry and/or correspondence will be entertained.

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