About Us

“For me, chess is a language, and it’s not my native tongue, it is the one learned via the immersion method at a young age” —- Garry Kasparov



Checkmate was started by poignant chess players who wanted to give back something to this beautiful game. Our way of giving something back to the game is by training, motivating, elevating talents to greater heights.

With more than 30 International FIDE Rated Players who have been roped in to coach, Checkmate is the place, if you love the game and want to jump to the next level in this beautiful profession. In Checkmate you can unleash the Chess in You…..

Any student can become a competent chess player with proper levels of instruction, and that is what we do, providing comprehensive courses, giving each student every precise material that he/she might require at every stage of this journey to kingdom. However good a player is, without proper exposure or experience, this might turn futile. In order to facilitate the students with the experience of tournaments, and to inculcate in them, the do’s and don’ts of actual tournament play, we incessantly conduct leagues, tournaments matches, friendly matches, simultaneous displays by renowned international masters for the budding players who sure would leave a indelible mark in this enthralling game.

We dream to be among the best academies of the country soon, come, live the dream!

It’s a promise, there would be no letdowns!


Any cause without a mission, can be treated abrupt!

So, here is ours.

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself”

We are here for that, finding and shaping that aspect in you, which is going to separate you from the rest. We hope to produce professional players who would love the adoration and respect, every top notch player of today commands.


We see ourselves producing at least a dozen international FIDE rated players from our academy each passing year, nevertheless, this is no cake-walk, lot of work to be done, come, let’s begin!